Advisory Board

Advisory Board


The president and the Board of Directors of Unicaf University Malawi have determined that there is great value to the university in having a well-organized system of Advisory Board for all academic and non-academic department and offices.  The purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist the university, by all appropriate means, to carry out more effectively its mission and objectives. Among others the Advisory Board shall contribute to the University’s mission by:

  • Understanding and promoting the mission and vision of the University and its needs;
  • Assisting the schools and departments to assess strategic direction, solve problems, achieve goals and rise to new levels of excellence through counsel;
  • Providing advice regarding the strategic direction and objectives of the institution;
  • Understand and promote the mission and vision of the University and its needs;
  • Provide assistance, support and advice in all forms
  • Serving as sources of information and advice to the Board of Directors, the president, the Rector, and the Directors;
  • Providing enhanced contacts to government, business, industry and academia;
  • Assisting the Board of Directors in effectively meeting its responsibility to govern the university by bringing its members to a deeper understanding of the university and its sub-units.

 Advisory Board Structure

The Advisory Board of Unicaf University Malawi is composed by distinguished individuals and accomplished professionals of Malawi’s society from academia, business, industry, and other areas.


The Advisory Board is expected to meet at least once a year. The President, the Rector shall set the agenda for each meeting following consultation with Vice-Rectors and department directors. A written report with the Advisory Board’s findings and recommendations shall be sent to the President after each meeting for further actions.