Advisory Board Members

Dr Thomson Mpinganjira

thomson-mpinganjira 2Dr Mpinganjira is the CEO of Financial Holdings Limited which a number of financial institutions including the First Discount House Limited, FDH Stockbrokers Liited, FDH Bank Limited, FDH Money Buraeu Limited and FDH Corporate Advisory Services. He has a Doctorate in Business Administration and he is also an FCCA (UK) and CPA (MW). Dr Mpinganjira is currently, among others, a Commissioner of the Public Sector Reform Commission, Board Chairman of the Malawi Revenue Authority and a Board Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprises Association. He has also acted as a Chairman of the Malawi Investment Promotion Agency and a Board member of the Institute of Bankers in Malawi. Among others, he has also been the first CEO of the Malawi Stock Exchange in 2000.

Hon. Dr Elias Chakwera, MP

Dr Elias Chakwera is a Member of the Parliament in Malawi. He is the chairperson of Education, Science and Technology Committee of the Malawian National Assembly.

Rev. Dr Lawrence Janeit Harrison Chipao

Rev. Dr Chipao is a pastor in Malawi Assemblies of God. He is currently, among others, the Head of Theology and Ministerial formation in the Malawi Assemblies of God University and is also an instructor of Mission and Education with Global University, USA.

Dr Nandini Patel

PatelDr Nandini Patel (Malawi) has been a Professor at the Catholic University of Malawi. She has taught Political Science and International Relations for over 20 years. Dr Patel has carried out various consultancy assignments on democracy and good governance for a number of international and regional bodies. She has published a number of research reports, articles and book chapters and is the Chairperson of the Institute for Policy Interaction based in Blantyre, Malawi.