Why study with Unicaf University?

  • Internationally Recognised Degrees

    Take advantage of the partnerships Unicaf University has with UK, US & European Universities and benefir from a state-of-the-art online virtual learning environment!

  • Flexible, 24/7 Online Access

    No fixed study hours, no ground rules. Adjust your studying schedule to suit your needs. The only requirement is to keep up with your deadlines.

  • Access to UNICAF Scholarships

    Students have already benefited from over $100 million worth of scholarships awarded towards their educational journey.

What UNICAF Students say

On Campus & Online Studies

Unicaf University is the only university in pan-Africa that provides access to quality higher education through the offering of online and on-ground local and internationally recognised qualifications. As an online student you are able to learn at your own pace and at times at a much lower cost. As an on-ground student you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities in a professional and high standards academic environment.

By studying towards your online or on-campus post graduate or undergraduate degree programme you will be offered a state-of-the-art learning environment and the opportunity to earn a highly respected degree needed to advance your career.

The University offers a number of on-campus and online undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes as well internationally recognised qualifications in partnership with universities in Europe, UK and the US at affordable prices.

Bachelor's Degrees

BSc in Computer Science

This degree is ideal for people wishing to enhance their position within their organisations while at the same time it offers excellent prospects for future employment.

Up to 80% Scholarship available for all programmes

BA in Hospitality Management

This degree is essential for all those wishing to follow a path in the hospitality and tourism industry. The hospitality industry and associated services is a huge and dynamic sector with excellent prospects and opportunities.

BA in Business Administration

The degree provides the student with valuable knowledge of business processes and the ability to identify risks, challenges and opportunities in the business world. The student among others will develop leadership and organisation skills that are valuable in order to communicate vision while at the same time promoting innovation and change.

Master's Degrees

MBA – Master in Business Administration

UNICAF University top-class MBA prepares its graduates for the very demanding world of business and provides an excellent opportunity for ambitious business students or working professionals to enhance their career.

Up to 80% Scholarship available for all programmes

MA Education 

The MA in Education is suitable for all those that are interested in understanding the important role of education in our everyday lives and especially the links between education, society and students of all ages.Throughout the Master’s programme students will be engaged in research, teaching methods, learning how to adapt with learning disabilities and understand educational practices and theories.

MSc Organisational Psychology

The MSc in Organisational Psychology provides students with the necessary psychological concepts and theories while aiming at developing a number of key skills such as evaluative, research, interpersonal and analytical skills.

Doctorate Degrees

The PhD is a programme of independent, self-directed academic research degree, supported by a team of supervisors that makes an original contribution to knowledge written up in a publishable dissertation.

Students can engage in research in one of the following fields of study:

  • Ph.D in Marketing Management
  • Ph.D in Information and Technology
  • Ph.D in Education
  • Ph.D in Business Administration
  • Ph.D in Accounting and Finance

Up to 60% Scholarship available for all programmes

DBA – Doctorate of Business Administration

The DBA is a blended part-time program aimed at outstanding managers, who hold a master’s degree or equivalent, or have many years of managerial experience and want to enhance their professional practice combining academic rigor and managerial relevance.

EdD – Doctorate of Philosophy in Organisational Change and Leadership

The EdD is for those who are eager to make substantial and original contributions to the development of educational knowledge in a broad range of educational settings including K-12 schools, colleges, universities and governmental organisations.