Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

Programme Aims and Objectives
The BA English Language and Literature is an innovative threefold degree programme which is comprised of English language teaching methodology, English literature and linguistics modules. The students will study the linguistic systems underlying language, exploring in detail how the language is structured, acquired, used and taught. In addition, the relationship between text, language, reader and author, society, economy, politics, culture and the individual will be explored.

The courses of the linguistics component aim to provide students with a thorough grounding of the principles underpinning the study of language and the diversity of linguistic study. The teaching modules
aim to provide students with knowledge and skills relevant to teaching English with an emphasis on classroom management and the use of technology. The courses in literature in English target the critical analysis of literary texts and film of different historical periods, geographical locations and genres.

Aim of the Programme
The aim of the programme is to provide students with a double major in the areas of English Literature and Linguistics, incorporating aspects of teaching methodology.

Objectives of the Programme
The degree objectives target students’ ability to:
1. demonstrate critical thinking skills as reader, writer and viewer to literature and film in English from different genres, geographical spaces and historical periods.
2. recognize, explain and apply current approaches in literary theory.
3. analyse and discuss a variety of literary texts and theories brought in dialogic interaction.
4. examine the relationship between text, reader, author and the sociocultural and politico-economic context.
5. recognize linguistic resources that may be exploited in written texts.
6. combine descriptive analysis with more critical and theoretical work, which develops students’ understanding of texts and/or language systems.
7. describe, explain and interpret linguistic systems underlying language acquisition and development.
8. identify and apply language in use patterns.
9. demonstrate high proficiency in English.
10. combine teaching methodologies in order to facilitate learning.

Programme Outline

Foundation Courses

Course Code Course Title
UU-Bsc-IND100-ZM Induction Module
UU-FNT-103-ZM Introduction to Bachelor Degree

Semester 1

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-ENG-1110-ZM Academic Writing
UU-LIN-1121-ZM Introduction to Linguistics I
UU-LIN-1130-ZM History of the English Language
UU-LIT-1140-ZM Introduction to Fiction
UU-LIT-1150-ZM Introduction to Poetry

Semester 2

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-ENG-1210-ZM Research Skills in Humanities
UU-TEA-1220-ZM Globalization, Identity and English Language Education
UU-TEA-1231-ZM English Language Teaching(ELT) Methodology I
UU-LIN-1242-ZM Introduction to Linguistics II
UU-LIT-1250-ZM Introduction to Drama

Semester 3

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-TEA-2312-ZM English Language Teaching Methodology II
UU-LIN-2320-ZM Language and the Brain
UU-LIN-2330-ZM Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
UU-LIT-2340-ZM Romantic and Victorian Poetry
UU-LIT-2350-ZM William Shakespeare

Semester 4

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-TEA-2410-ZM Lesson Planning
UU-LIN-2420-ZM First Language Acquisition
UU-LIN-2430-ZM Introduction to Syntax
UU-LIT-2440-ZM The Victorian Novel
UU-LIT-2450-ZM Global Shakespeare

Semester 5

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-TEA-3510-ZM Teaching English to Young Learners
UU-LIN-3520-ZM Second Language Acquisition
UU-LIT-3530-ZM Postcolonial Theory and Literature
UU-LIT-3540-ZM Anglophone World Literature
UU-LIT-3550-ZM Exile and Diaspora

Semester 6

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-TEA-3610-ZM Teaching English as a Second Language
UU-LIN-3620-ZM Developmental and Acquired Language Disorders
UU-LIT-3630-ZM Literature of the Refugee
UU-LIT-3640-ZM African Worlds
UU-LIT-3650-ZM Memory and Violence in Literature and Film

Semester 7

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-TEA-4710-ZM Teaching English to students with atypical development
UU-LIN-4720-ZM Sociolinguistics
UU-LIT-4730-ZM Women Writers
UU-LIT-4740-ZM Children’s Literature
UU-LIT-4750-ZM Memoir and Life Writing

Semester 8

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title
UU-TEA-4810-ZM Teaching in a Digital World
UU-LIN-4820- Psycholinguistics
UU-LIT-4830-ZM Twentieth Century American Literature
UU-LIT-4840-ZM Modernism /Postmodernism
UU-LIT-4850-ZM Intertextuality and Literary relations
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
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