BSc Accounting and Finance

This programme provides the necessary knowledge, skills and values for a successful career in the world of Accounting and Finance. It has been approved by the ACCA for 9 exemptions from the ACCA qualification for the professional title of Chartered Certified Accountant.

Students not interested in pursuing the ACCA qualification can be employed, after graduation in any finance or accounting related position, within the financial services sector, in financial institutions, in government departments, or other business organisations.

The programme blends the specialised fields of banking, investment, corporate finance, financial accounting, financial management, management accounting, and auditing with the wider fields of business management and economics.

Delivery Mode: Online and through Supported Open Learning

Entry Requirements

  1. Regular admission to a Bachelor’s degree programme requires a High School Leaving Certificate or equivalent.
  2. Applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma may also be considered for entry.
  3. Applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in a relevant area may be considered for credit transfer.
  4. Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements, but who have at least 2 years relevant, post-secondary professional experience, may also be considered for entry
  5. English proficiency.
  6. Copy of passport or ID

Please note that applicants who do not meet the minimum entry requirements may be considered for the ‘FOUNDATION PROGRAMME’.


Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-ACG-1000-ZM Financial Accounting I 3
UU-ACG-1001-ZM Accounting II 3
UU-ACG-1002-ZM Managerial Accounting 3
UU-ACG-2010-ZM Intermediate Financial Accounting 3
UU-ACG-2310-ZM Accounting Information Systems 3
UU-ACG-3100-ZM Advanced Financial Accounting 3
UU-ACG-3120-ZM Advanced Management and Cost Accounting 3
UU-ACG-3150-ZM Audit and Assurance 3
UU-ACG-3300-ZM Corporate and Business Law 3
UU-ACG-3600-ZM Financial Reporting 3
UU-ACG-4025-ZM Final Year Project 3
UU-ACG-4120-ZM International Accounting 3
UU-ACG-4130-ZM Advanced Accounting Theory 3
UU-ACG-4160-ZM Advanced Audit and Assurance 3
UU-ACG-4200-ZM Business Taxation 3
UU-ACG-4210-ZM Taxation 3
UU-ACG-4370-ZM Corporate Governance 3
UU-ACG-4500-ZM Performance Management 3
UU-ACG-4600-ZM Advanced Financial Reporting 3
UU-ACG-4700-ZM Special Topics in Accounting 3
UU-BBA-1000-ZM Business Ethics 3
UU-BBA-2000-ZM Communication for Business 3
UU-BBA-2001-ZM Research and Writing 3
UU-BBA-3012-ZM Organizational Behaviour 3
UU-BBA-4010-ZM Research Methods in Business 3
UU-BBA-4020-ZM Strategy and Business Policy 3
UU-COM-1000-ZM Computer System 3
UU-COM-1510-ZM Computer Fundamentals 3
UU-COM-3010-ZM Digital Business 3
UU-ECO-2000-ZM Principles of Microeconomics 3
UU-ECO-2001-ZM Principles of Macroeconomics 3
UU-FNE-2660-ZM Managerial Finance 3
UU-FNE-4100-ZM Financial Management 3
UU-FNE-4300-ZM International Financial Management 3
UU-FNE-4400-ZM Financial Analysis 3
UU-MAN-2010-ZM Introduction to Management 3
UU-MKT-2000-ZM Marketing 3
UU-MTH-1005-ZM Quantitative Methods 3
UU-MTH-2000-ZM Statistics I 3
UU-PSY-1000-ZM General Psychology I 3
UU-SOC-1000-ZM Principles of Sociology 3


BSc Accounting and Finance
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