BSc in Finance

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, students should be able to:
1. Manage issues related to an organizational environment and apply conceptual principles, methods and tools to solve financial problems.
2. Identify the increasing complex nature of local and global economy and its impact on finance.
3. Recommend streamlined financial and business processes and procedures to meet challenges and excel under intense competition.
4. Apply the standard analytic tools of applied financial analysis.
5. Analyze, evaluate, interpret and present materials in the areas of finance.
6. Identify the underlying ideas of the business environment and associate them with specific knowledge in the areas of finance.
7. Appreciate the importance of adopting an ethical approach in the management of corporate practices.
8. Critically assess data and analyze and interpret findings to make informed decisions.
9. Identify and apply suitable research and business simulation tools.
10. Demonstrate negotiation and conflict resolution skills for re-enforcing value added collaborations.
11. Apply the four functions of management to streamline business processes.
12. Identify challenges and opportunities to safeguard and / or increase competitive advantage.
13. Demonstrate competences for optimal decision-making.

Programme Outline

Foundation Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-BA-IND100 Induction Module 0.00
UU-FNT-103 Introduction to Bachelor Degree 0.00

Year 1

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-ACG-1100-MW Foundations of Accounting and Finance 24.00
UU-FNE-1002-MW Finance and Corporate Finance 24.00
UU-FNE-1001-MW Personal Finance 24.00
UU-FNE-1003-MW Financial Management 24.00
UU-ACG-1010-MW Intermediate Financial Accounting 24.00

Year 2

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-FNE-2005-MW International Financial Management 24.00
UU-MTH-2000-MW Statistics 24.00
UU-ACG-2100-MW Principles of Accounting and Finance 24.00
UU-FNE-2400-MW Financial Analysis 24.00
UU-FNE-2660-MW Managerial Accounting and Finance 24.00

Year 3

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-FNE-3006-MW Money and Banking 24.00
UU-LAW-3300-MW Corporate and Business Law 24.00
UU-ACG-3600-MW Financial Reporting and Practice 24.00
UU-ACG-3100-MW Advanced Financial Management 24.00
UU-FNE-3550-MW Security Analysis 24.00

Year 4

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-ACG-4210-MW Taxation and Tax Planning 24.00
UU-MAN-4550-MW Investment Management 24.00
UU-MAN-4600-MW Risk Management 24.00
UU-FNE-4600-MW Derivative Products 24.00
UU-BBA-4010-MW Business Research Methods 24.00


BSc in Finance
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