JavaScript Programming

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Category: Information Technology
Course: JavaScript Programming

Description of the Course

JavaScript is that the technology that creates things happen on-line. JavaScript is a high-level and dynamic programming language and it is used to make webpages interactive. Because JavaScript could be a nice language for writing beginners, we’ve gathered a number of the simplest learning resources around and engineered a JavaScript course to assist new developers.

Career pathway

Typical Industries for JavaScript skills:

According to the reputable Forbes JavaScript skill placed on the top 13 tech skills which are in high demand for 2018


  1. Information Technology (IT) worker
  2. Data Analysts
  3. Artists and designers
  4. Engineers
  5. Scientists
  6. Finance
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Health Care

What will I learn?

Find out how to make Dynamic and Interactive web content applying JavaScript. JavaScript short course covers a variety of core basic ideas like variables, assortments, objects, functions, terms, restrictions, Document Object Model Basics and a lot of.

What’s include in the price pack?

  • Notes to read
  • Videos
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate

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Course Information
  • Delivery Mode:Online
  • Programme TypeShort Courses

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