Leadership in Organizations

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Course: Leadership in Organizations

Description of the Course

Leaders are born not becoming!! THAT IS A MYTH!! With our course you can become a great leader! Leaders behave in a manner that will aid a group to attain objectives through the maximum application of its capabilities. They stand before the group as they facilitate progress and inspire the group to accomplish organizational goals. Furthermore, leaders create a culture where employees are encourage to participate which enhance the job-satisfaction. A LEADER COULD BE THE SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF A COMPANY!!

The general concept of Leadership and an understanding of the leadership process and the role played by leaders in their organizations are at the core of this course, which also looks at the differences between Leadership and Management, two terms often used interchangeably in the world of business.

Career pathway

Typical Industries for Management & Leadership Majors:

  1. Banking
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Construction
  4. Transportation
  5. Finance
  6. Government
  7. Education
  8. Utilities
  9. Health care
  10. Wholesale and retail trade
  11. Hotels & restaurants
  12. Service industries
  13. Entertainment
  14. Owner/managers of small and medium sized enterprises

What will I learn?

The course focuses on the concept of Global Leadership and the phases of the pathway to globalization. The characteristics of different types of organisations and the ways they can affect the relationship between leaders and followers are also examined.

The overall aim of the course is the teaching of leadership skills, through practical examples, which can be applied and practiced at the workplace, to become excellent leaders in any organization.


What’s include in the price pack?

  • Notes to read
  • Videos
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate

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Leadership in Organizations
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