Management Theories and Philosophies

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Category: Business
Course: Management Theories and Philosophies

Description of the Course

This course provides you with an opportunity to develop a better understanding of contemporary issues in management. Due to globalization, managers are facing a number of challenges that they must effectively deal with but also opportunities that they must realize in order to ensure the survival and success of their organizations. One of the characteristics of today’s business world is the need for organizations to adapt to change. This requires that organizations must be flexible and ready to alter the way they do things, be proactive and innovative, and manage resources strategically. Managers must deal with fierce competition, constant technological advances, demographic changes, and numerous legal and ethical issues. This course will help you to develop a more thorough appreciation of modern management. You will have the opportunity to improve certain intellectual, practical and transferable skills and engage in critical, analytical and creative thinking to synthesize, analyze, interpret and evaluate information.

Career pathway

  1. Business adviser/analyst
  2. Business development manager
  3. Data analyst/scientist
  4. Management consultant
  5. Project manager
  6. Risk manager
  7. Supply chain manager
  8. Construction manager
  9. Human resources officer
  10. Logistics and distribution manager
  11. Marketing executive
  12. Sales executive
  13. Retail manager


What will I learn?

When you take this course, you will learn the main functions, theories and aspects of Management that affect organizations in today’s continuously changing global environment. In other words, you will analyze all the factors and elements that will help an organization achieve its short and long term goals taking into consideration the impact of Globalization. analyse the data and retrieve specific information from a database. In addition, you will be able to create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports for data stored in Access.

What’s include in the price pack?

  • Notes to read
  • Videos
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate

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Management Theories and Philosophies
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