About Intercollege

Founded in 1980, Intercollege has an established reputation for quality higher education. Intercollege is one of the largest and most prestigious institutions in Cyprus. Indeed, a relevant opinion survey conducted by an independent research firm showed Intercollege to be “the most reputable college in Cyprus”.

As a modern, progressive institution, Intercollege offers unique educational opportunities to students of varied backgrounds.

At Intercollege,  students benefit from:

  • The opportunity to earn the Institution’s reputable qualifications.
  • Transfer possibilities to prestigious American, British or European universities.
  • Its international character and diverse academic and professional expertise.
  • The experience of being a member of an international student body. Intercollege students come from many nations to prepare for leadership positions in the professions, the arts, government, industry and commerce.


In pursuit of its mission, Intercollege strives to:

  • Offer quality, career-oriented undergraduate programmes, graduate studies in selected fields, and quality professional programmes.
  • Implement the Institute’s motto “Excellence in Education” by encouraging students to strive for excellence in every activity.
  • Remain firmly committed to the economic, social, scientific and cultural development of Cyprus.
  • Develop further as an international institution, where Cypriot and international students, faculty and staff are valued for their cultural diversity.

Programme(s) available for scholarship

MBA – Master in Business Administration