UNICAF  joined forces with University of Nicosia and Marymount California University to offer students in Malawi the opportunity to earn internationally accredited qualifications in their home country.  At a brand new campus that has just been completed, students from Malawi will have the opportunity to study towards the degree programmes of the University of Nicosia .

UNICAF which is the biggest scholarship programme for Africa will provide scholarships towards the University of Nicosia and Marymount California degrees for students from Malawi studying at the Lilongwe Campus. The primary objective of the UNICAF Scholarships Programme is to make education affordable for students from Africa as we believe that it is through education that we can best help to alleviate poverty in Africa. UNICAF provides the opportunity to African students to pursue advanced academic studies and to earn internationally recognized qualifications such as the degree programmes offered by the University of Nicosia.

UNICAF University is a forward-looking multicultural University with an international outlook, and places the student, at the centre of attention. High quality teaching and learning continues to be in the forefront of our efforts. The University has a young, active and international faculty, who all share the objective of further moving along the way from a teacher-centred learning environment to a student-centred learning environment.

Maintaining and further developing its International outlook is another important objective of the University. One of the components of this objective is to continue to foster multiculturalism as a central value of the University. Significantly, the University has strengthened its capacity to offer its programmes internationally.

We are confident that we can offer a welcoming environment to students from Malawi and the neighbouring countries , and that the years of study at the  University will not only give students the means of making their way in the world in their future  life, but, that they will also be very memorable.

For the last two decades the University of Nicosia has been offering scholarships to international students and the vast majority of these students were able to make a significant contribution to their home countries and, in many cases, at the highest level.

UNICAF University has become a major force in the educational sector in Malawi.

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