Uganda Law Society MOU

Unicaf University Signs MOU with Uganda Law Society

Unicaf University has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Uganda Law Society (ULS).

The agreement ensured that the 4000 members of the ULS would receive up to an 80% scholarship to study for a Bachelor, Master’s or Doctoral degree from Unicaf University.

Professor George Nasinyama, Unicaf University Vice Chancellor, made a statement before the signing process, stating: “Unicaf will extend quality, affordable higher education to all ULS members. I am incredibly thankful for the ULS leadership in attendance today.

Our Master’s, and PhD programmes will be made available to all ULS members with a generous Unicaf scholarship, and the mode of education we use makes university education affordable and accessible. I am excited to form this partnership with the ULS, and I encourage them to invite us to attend any events or activities they may hold in the future so we can show our support to them.”

After professor Nasinyama, Mr Bernard Oundo, the President of the Uganda Law Society, gave his statement, saying: “First of all, I want to thank Unicaf University for the warm welcome. One of our key objectives is to increase our 4000 members’ skills in the newly emerging areas of Law by providing them with a quality tertiary education that will enable them to learn how to adapt to the changing academic environment.

The incredible Master’s and PhD programmes that Unicaf offers in the Law sector, such as their Master’s of Project Management, Master’s of International Trade and Logistics, and, of course, their famous LLM degree are what has driven this collaboration to come to existence. The generous scholarship that Unicaf is offering our members is just the icing on the cake, which makes me incredibly proud to be signing in support of this partnership.”

Unicaf University is proud to have formed this partnership and looks forward to attending many of the events and activities organised by the ULS.

Unicaf University in Uganda offers an innovative approach to learning, where students can study online using digital learning tools, but also benefit from on-campus, face-to-face tutorials to further support their learning.

The Uganda campus in Kampala features modern infrastructure in a technology-friendly environment creating a supportive atmosphere for students, faculty, and staff. Unicaf University in Uganda campus is a licensed University, regulated by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in Uganda.


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