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UNICAF University Professional Training Division

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    UNICAF University is offering a range of online short courses for professional development. These courses are aimed at those who wish to develop their professional skills in a short period of time. The method of learning provides a more hands-on approach that can be easily applied to any place of work.

  • Scholarship

    UNICAF is one of the most generous scholarship programmes available. The programme supports students that are domiciled in Africa and provides opportunities for studies towards various online professional development certificates and diplomas, awarded by its partner, UNICAF University.

    The UNICAF scholarship programme offers the opportunity for professional development at a low cost. The short courses are designed by Intercollege to offer high-quality learning, providing a more hands-on approach that can be easily applied to any place of work.

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    A professional certificate or diploma from UNICAF University is equivalent to value, development and achievement. All short courses offered by the Institution have been carefully designed to provide high-quality learning, encouraging students to practice what they learn by easily applying their new-found skills to their place of work.

  • Earn an 80% UNICAF Scholarship for an Online Professional Certificate

    Pay €240 For One Course or €720 For All Three Courses and Receive a FREE Tablet!

Marketing Management

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    This course emphasises the importance of a properly structured and efficiently implemented marketing strategy that will help the organisation achieve its goals and objectives in its target markets. Its intention is to help the students realise the benefits an organisation can have by creating and delivering value to its customers as well as its stakeholders. In addition to this, it highlights the importance and application of various tools such as branding, segmentation and targeting, and pricing and distribution amongst others that are vital in order for the organisation to achieve the aforementioned goals and objectives.

Human Resource Management
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    This course emphasises the importance of the human resource factor as a strategic partner in the management of any organisation nowadays. It explores some of the most vital issues such as recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, employee retention, compensation and benefits, as well as labour relations. In addition to this, it analyses current issues such as the involvement of legal and global environment that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

Management Theories and Philosophies

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    This course provides a practical insight into the fundamental concepts and theories that underline the art and science of management. It explores, through the use of theory and practical examples, some of the most vital issues that are of the utmost importance to managers at all levels within an organization such as planning, organizing, controlling and leading.

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