The Professional Training Division of Unicaf University offers a range of short courses which lead to a Certificate of Completion from the University. These courses are offered online, under open enrolment, and no application is needed.

The short courses are taught by Unicaf University faculty who are experienced scholars, industry experts, leading researchers, entrepreneurs and instructors, dedicated to teaching their particular field of expertise.

These courses are designed for adults of all ages and backgrounds, who are interested to take the next challenging step in their lives.

All short courses qualify for a Unicaf scholarship, which enables every student  to pay only a fraction of the original cost for the course they select.

Unicaf University Professional Training Division

  • Professional Development

    Unicaf University offers a range of online courses for the development of professional skills in any industry. These courses are ideal for working professionals, school graduates, job seekers and any individual interested in improving their professional knowledge and skills, as well as their career prospects, within a relatively short period of time.

    Upon successful completion of each course, students are awarded a Professional Training Division Certificate, issued from the internationally recognised, multi-campus Unicaf University. These qualifications attract the attention of employers across industries as tangible proof of the holders’ knowledge and capabilities.

  • Scholarship

    The Unicaf Scholarship Programme was founded to offer eligible students the opportunity to further their education by studying towards internationally recognised qualifications at a much lower cost. It is one of the most generous scholarship programmes available today and provides an ideal opportunity for professional development at easily affordable prices. You can earn a Unicaf scholarship to study for any one of the Professional Training Courses offered.

  • Online Study

    Unicaf is a leading online platform, providing a flexible learning model, which has already benefited thousands of students across the globe. The Unicaf Virtual Learning Environment, a state-of-the-art, user friendly digital platform, facilitates online study towards internationally recognised qualifications, at the students’ convenience, allowing them to keep up with their job or family commitments. Through the Unicaf VLE students have access to the necessary study materials 24/7, and can communicate with fellow students from around the world, exchanging experiences and networking.

  • Qualifications

    Short courses offered through the Unicaf University Professional Training Division lead to Certificates of Completion, which are highly regarded by employers as proof of rigorous training in a specialised professional field. The Unicaf University Professional Training Division Certificates are equivalent to added value, advanced professional knowledge and personal achievement. All professional courses offered have been carefully designed to impart high-quality professional knowledge and skills, within a specific period of time, encouraging students to practice what they learn, by applying it in their actual place of work.

  • Testimonials

    My name is Moustapha Doumbia, I come from Liberia and I work with Plan International as a Grants Coordinator. I had the opportunity to take two Professional Training Short Courses with Unicaf University, in Human Resource Management and in Marketing Management, largely thanks to the generous Unicaf scholarship I was granted. To be honest, it was an amazing experience. I never expected to learn so much in such a short space of time, or to be able to share this new knowledge with other professionals, from diverse cultures and countries. It was a demanding journey but very useful, because as a Grants Coordinator, I have learned new things that will enhance my management skills and help me plan and execute projects more effectively. With my newly acquired skills in Marketing I find myself more prepared to speak on behalf of my organisation, and to discuss any funding opportunities that arise. I am now well prepared to meet new challenges and contribute to the growth of my organisation.

    I encourage all African youth, especially people from Liberia, to take advantage of this great opportunity offered by Unicaf. Professional Training Short Courses cost so little and impart specialised knowledge. These high level tutorials are available online at anytime, which is convenient for working professionals, and give you the chance to meet and network with amazing people from around the globe.

    Many thanks to Unicaf and Unicaf University for your great support.

Professional Training Courses on offer

There is currently a range of courses on offer in the following three categories:

Basic Management Development Skills Courses

Information Technology Courses

Education Courses

Step 1


Select the Professional Training Short Course from the form, fill out your details and click Apply.

Step 2


Check your email. A confirmation should arrive by either email or phone. Within 48 hours you will be able to access our online platform to start learning.

Step 3


Access the virtual learning environment and start your learning experience.

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